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There is only one YOU. You are uniquely YOU and no one else can be a better YOU than YOU. You have a unique life story that is YOURS.

The YOUgazine was created to celebrate YOU and let you gift the world around YOU with YOUR story. Life is a journey full of stories, memories of love, passion, perseverance, challenges, that need to be captured and shared. We all want to be celebrated and to celebrate, honor or immortalize those we LOVE. No one can tell YOUR story better than YOU can and YOU can do that with the YOUgazine. The Yougazine lets you say those things you always wanted to say about you or a loved one but waited for the right opportunity to do it.

The Yougazine is published in the best print quality using carefully selected paper or via our online page-flipping application which can be shared with friends who are not able to make it to that special occasion.

You can choose your YOUgazine design template from our vast range of existing templates or you can have yours created from scratch. Whichever one you choose you can be sure you will still end up with a YOUgazine that is stylish and glamorous that is sure to get your friends talking long after the event is over.

There is a Yougazine for virtually any occasion, birthdays, funerals, memorials, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, wedding, child dedications, etc... Our YOUgazines are stylish Our range of Yougazines include the following and we are still adding more:


Commemorative personalized magazines that capture the life and times and immortalize the legacy of a loved one during funerals, memorials/remembrance events, or simply created to pass on the story of a family icon to the next generation.

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Celebratory personalized magazines that capture the lifestyle of the adult who is celebrating key life’s milestones and achievements eg. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements.

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Celebratory personalized magazine for kids ages 10-12 to celebrate the decade and double-digit age. Created to acknowledge the individuality and uniqueness of the kid and to instill confidence and prepare them for teenage and adult years. Parents can share the story of the experience of raising the kid from toddler years to pre-teen years. It is a gift a lifetime that keeps on giving long after the celebration is over.

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Created to make the wedding day more special. Couples tell their story of relationship journeys and express their newfound love for one another in a special way. It also captures the program for the day and well-wishing messages from friends and family in a stylish and glamorous way that is sure to leave guests talking long after the wedding day.

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Celebratory personalized magazine that allows moms to chronicle their story of excitements, joys, worries, hopes, and memories from pregnancy to childbirth which they can share during christening or dedication of the child.

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